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RESI = Best Price Land and Homes

Do you want to deal direct and get the best price for your land purchases and discount building services?  Resi ™ is a well-known Australian company who deals “Directly” with the land developer and over 20 private building companies.

Our experience and personal contacts in the land and construction business of over 25 years means we have built the personal relationships and met performance standards that individual people cannot achieve.

Whenever a “New Subdivision” comes on line RESI takes a block or 20 – 30 – 40 -50 lots depending on the size of the estate. We then contact our database (Investors, Accountants, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents etc) and builders who chose which lots they want and in every occasion we SELL every lot early at discounted prices before they hit the local market.

In 2013 new government regulations and DCPs will mean we will see smaller lot subdivisions and smarter home designs, quite simply land and development costs have risen that much over the last few years we will be forced to live in smaller, but more efficient home designs.

Resi Homes – is working with a select group of Sydney builders to deliver “The Big Small Home Range” of housing to fit 225 m/2 allotments to 375 m/2 allotments. These smarter home designs will also be perfect for SMSF and private investors looking for better returns on investment, including positive cash flow property.

For enquires on this please fill in our “Hot Property” located on the FRONT page of this web site.

The “Hot Property” section is  also suitable for people looking for Discounted Land and also for Smart Home Designs to fit small lots.

To keep updated on our estates “LAND” and “HOUSE & LAND” please keep an eye on the front-page status bar under “Buying” where we will have a regular Land Sales List in PDF and a range of home designs licensed and Trade marked to Resi Homes.

For direct contact please email Mr. Philip Sigglekow at Philip@resiwealth.com or phone on his mobile 0419 049 449

Company structure.
ResiWealth Pty Ltd   ACN:  108 549 051            

ResiWealth Pty Ltd is the holding company for the Resi group and holds 4 corporation licences and is also a registered (IPA) investment property advisor, you are dealing with a top 1% elite Australian company.


The Resi 100% Guarantee.

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