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Philip Sigglekow (Licensee)

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About Resi (Who is Resi and what we do)

Parkes NSW + CF (Dual income investment property)

Best prices Guaranteed

Sydney has always been the benchmark for real estate prices, all over Australia and now Sydney is experiencing huge demands once again.

Since the 2008 GFC prices in Sydney have undergone a re-pricing phase, now with the government pushing for smarter subdivision layouts and more efficient homes we are experiencing huge demand from first homebuyers and investors once again.

Demand is up 400% as buyers are searching for the best prices, and the first place to begin is with land supported by nearby infrastructure for growth.

This land grab is happening right now and this could be your best time to take advantage of low prices before they go higher.

Resi has access to over 500 lots, some ready now and others registering in 6 months that can be secured at todays prices.

The BIG winners will come from “Integrated Housing Lots” … “Small Lot Subdivisions” and dual income homes (house plus granny flats) this is the hot news in the building industry, smaller land and better designed homes, plus lower prices.

Builders are struggling to keep prices down so the government has pressured councils to approve smaller lots, and create smarter home designs. Smarter home designs means houses that fit on land between 300 – 450 m/2.

Pricing is between $300,000.00 - $435,000.00 depending on the area in NSW and cheaper for areas like the Central Coast and Southern Highlands. We have also identified Parkes and the North Coast of Sydney as 2 key areas of income and future growth.

95% are SOLD before they hit the market.

You cannot build a house without first owning the land.

Small lot homes will be the big news for the next 3 years, and this is where the smart people are buying/investing. First homeowners cannot pay big prices any more, banks have limited funds and investors want positive cash returns.

Lowest prices for first home owners YES

BIGGER returns for investors YES

Example of a single story “Small Lot House Design”

Example of a Two Story “Small Lot House Design”

EVERY major building company in Sydney is breaking their back to buy these lots before you and I get a chance.

That is where Resi can help you.

We have access to land you have not heard of yet.

Resi is NOT a marketing company; we are a licensed agency specializing in supplying LAND to builders and private buyers.

We supply builders, real estate agents, accountants, financial advisors, finance brokers, first homebuyers, investors and people down sizing.

We can design and package a finished product, in any estate from the land, up to turning the key to your new home or investment property.

We can even assist you with remote conveyancing through Allison Clarke a fully licensed conveyancer 02 9552 7111

You can look through our buying section on the web site status bar to see our latest stock, or you can click on our stock list icon on the front page.

We can find a block of land for you OR we can get one of our select builders to design and complete a “House and Land” package ready to mover into.

You can call Mr. Philip Sigglekow our Licensee on 0419 049 449


Alison Dwyer on 0430 744 770 for admin & stock updates.

Resi “Best Price Guaranteed”


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