Resi Homes and Investment Properties

For first home owners and low entry point new positive cash flow investment properties with 100% tax deductions and 40 year tax depreciation. 

Resi Homes is a specialist real estate service who will work with you to create a $2 million dollar property portfolio and coach you and your family every step of the way.

From Zero to $2,000,000 in under 3 years.

Your home           Invest 1     Invest 2    Invest 3
$500,000            $300,000   $300,000   $300,000


Step 1:  Use the positive income from 3 investment properties to pay all mortgage loans out including your ‘Principle place of residence’ (PPOR)  

Today 3 positive cashflow properties 
10 years time with growth and inflation
10 years further into the future using growth and inflation


Step 2:  20 years from now, you can retire on the income of 3 investment properties plus other  savings and investments along the way.  Own  your home plus property assets of $3,600,000.


Step 3:   Realise that in 20 years the rental income in 3 properties relative to today’s value will be $3,600 per week or about $150,000 per annum and amortized back to today’s value would equate to $45,000 per year with no debt.

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