Please find below, a selection of example home designs, both single story and double story, to fit on "Small Lot Land" and "Integrated Housing Lots".

We have over 100 designs, from Sydney's BEST builders, that can site and design a spectacular home, to suite your needs for living or investing.

For direct enquiries, please call our head agent in charge Philip Sigglekow on 0419 049 449.


Local and State government, are aware of the shortage of land and especially "efficient" usage of design, in new estates ­ gone are the days of large lots.

From 2013 onwards, estates and land sizes will become smaller and smarter, in both size and design concepts ­ Resi is in the forefront, from raw land accusations & design.

Right through, to working with Sydney's best awarded builders, to deliver the end user product, ready to move in ­ Small lot designs ARE THE FUTURE, right now.

For any direct enquiries please call Mr Philip Sigglekow on 0419 049 449.